Katie Shanel

 10 weeks ago

Laurie is absolutely fantastic! My vet recommended my dog, who is over weight (from her previous owner), to do hydrotherapy for weight loss and to help her gain strength without hurting her joints. It has been a wonderful experience! Laurie is extremely knowledgeable with dogs and treated my dog with so much love. I would recommend The Doggie Paddle to everyone with a dog!

Paige Prescott

 14 weeks ago

Laurie is wonderful with our 1 1/2 yr old lab mixes who didn't know how to swim...Maizel had a fear of water and now she loves swimming! And Marley can't get enough so dock diving training next! So glad we found The Doggie Paddle!

Brianna Hernandez

 27 weeks ago

Highly recommend for dogs recovering after knee surgery. 🐕

Geri Richman

 27 weeks ago

Great place to swim your dog.

Cathy G

 1 week ago

My dog and I got lazy during the pandemic and put on a few pounds. Since she is 11 years old, I wanted to find a place for her to swim so she could lose weight without putting too much stress on her joints. Laurie and The Doggie Paddle have been a godsend! Although she's still struggling weight-wise, Coco's strength and energy have drastically increased and she's racing around the dog park like a puppy again. Laurie is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and their health and anxiety issues, and treats your dog like it's her own. She also has a cute boutique with healthy snacks and creative toys for your pet. Highly recommend for dogs with weight, joint or stress issues, or just for dogs who have a lot of energy and like to swim!