Dock Diving

I have a 20 foot dock diving ramp.  The pool is 13' x 25'. This is for practice, exercise or for fun! If your dog is already dock diving and in the elite or master category you would have to shorten the run. Please mention if you wish to dock dive upon making an appointment. We also offer beginning dock diving private lessons now as well!!!

Your dog MUST be able to swim in a POOL before signing up for classes. Swimming in a lake is very different from swimming in a pool. In order to be successful, your dog should have a good sit/stay, a release word and a good toy drive to start.

What will our Intro to Dock Diving session include? 


Toy tracking          Toy catching

Start position      Throwing

Timing     Release word     Striding        And practice jumps!!

You will need to bring your own bumpers. Doggie hair dryers will be provided. Please bring your own towels.

Cost is the same session length and price for an Assisted swim