Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy is a great option for dogs who are unable to participate in land-based exercise due to:

Dogs that have the following conditions can also benefit from aqua therapy:


Single assisted swim: $55 for 20 minutes
Packages of 2 swims: $104.50 (5% off)

Packages of 5 swims: $253.00 (8% off)

Packages of 6 swims $297.00 (10% off)

Subluxing patella surgery recovery

Senior with back and leg problems

Weight loss and possible DM

Walks on hocks, Hip Dysplasia, DM

Bad hip injury

Hip dysplasia/walks on hocks 

Needs to lose weight and ACL surgery

Senior needs to lose weight and building stamina

Senior with back and leg issues due to arthritis

Hip Dysplasia

Knee injuries


Previous ACL surgeries and senior

Hip Dysplasia

Senior with arthritis

Reactivity, confidence issues

Arthritis, shoulder and knee problems plus previous surgeries

Previous surgeries, anxiety and back leg pain

Senior with arthritis and previous injuries

Senior with muscle loss in hind legs

Disabilities from bad breeding practices

Senior with arthritis in back and legs. Overall joint stiffness and low muscle mass

Muscle atrophy/loss of muscle mass

Skeletal/joint issues due to poor breeding practices

ACL tear and loss of muscle mass/atrophy

Stretched tendons in rear leg so walks on hock

Senior with arthritis and loss of muscle mass/atrophy